When the mother of a child with special needs is denied an appropriate education for her son, not only does she discover her own strength, but she unearths brilliance in an unlikely place. 
After she and her elementary-aged son lived through the ordeal of an ill-prepared school staff, Lia Martin (aka Comedian Lia P) became a special needs advocate.  The part-time comedian and full-time mom were excited to enroll her five-year-old son, Tay, in preschool. Tay was an energetic and curious child, with a passion for spaceships and writing lyrics.
Lia believed her son’s genius at home would lead to a brilliant school career. Little did the mom of two know, she was about to face an audience in the classroom far tougher than any she’d ever encountered at a comedy club. Her hopes were shattered when her son was first labeled as “bad” by his teachers and then diagnosed with ADHD.
After moving from one preschool to the next in search of a caring environment that would nurture her twice-exceptional little boy, Lia’s efforts were met with stony indifference from administrators. The stress of finding a place for Tay took a toll on her marriage, and her life began to crumble from the weight of devastating personal losses.
 Finding Einstein is Lia Martin’s powerfully moving journey to uncovering the hidden genius in her child. Honest, humorous and heart-rending, her debut memoir is a testimony to a mother’s love for her twice-exceptional son and the lengths she’ll travel to help him shine.

If you have or know of a child who’s been labeled “difficult,” Finding Einstein will give you or any parent the tools and inspiration to help that child succeed. This story of triumph shows how any student can thrive in the right environment. If you look deeply into each student, you will find something brilliant.

My Story

Los Angeles, January 22, 2016. When a mother, writer, advocate Lia Martin, enrolled her son in her neighborhood elementary school, she thought she was making the best decision for him. It wasn’t long before her son was spending most of his school day in the...

I must make this sh#$ look easy

socials skills insufficiencies and proceeded to explain why. This was an expensive class that I paid for but I spent at least two lessons teaching the professional who ran it. There is a great deal of capital involved in raising a child with special needs and I am...

The Label of Special Needs

Labels are a natural part of humanity. It is a method utilized to quickly catalog things, places and…people. My son wears the label of special needs. It was bestowed upon him early in his educational career. There are a number of perspectives on placing our child in...

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Adapted from La Mediocre Mommy, May 1, 2013 Yesterday, I jotted down thoughts instead of trying to attack my spec re-write head on.  It was an early out of school day for our son so, after running a couple of errands, it was time to pick him up. That’s when the...

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Adapted from La Mediocre Mommy, May 2, 2013 The expression, “throw in the towel,” is derived from boxing. After a boxer has suffered an unrecoverable beating and his corner wants to the fight to stop, the towel is thrown in to indicate concession. In that scenario,...

So, what if you’re not Sylvester Stallone?

So, what if you’re not Sylvester Stallone, Jenny McCarthy, David and Victoria Beckham or Toni Braxton and you have a child with special needs? Who speaks for the poor student who is sent to detention rather than pulled out for resources? A story reported by the...

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