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Los Angeles, January 22, 2016. When mother, writer, advocate Lia Martin, enrolled her son in her neighborhood elementary school, she thought she was making the best decision for him. It wasn’t long before her son was spending most of his school day in the principal’s...

When Ignorance is Bliss is Best

Adapted from 30-Something New Mom, January 5, 2011 Since most of my friends know me as a writer (albeit a procrastinating self-deprecating one with little finished work to speak of), it seems odd to them that I haven’t written about being pregnant. I have been asked...

The Label of Special Needs

Labels are a natural part of humanity. It is a method utilized to quickly catalog things, places and…people. My son wears the label of special needs. It was bestowed upon him early in his educational career. There are a number of perspectives on placing our child in...

Why you shouldn’t wait for perfection

Adapted from La Mediocre Mommy, May 1, 2013 Yesterday, I jotted down thoughts instead of trying to attack my spec re-write head on.  It was an early out of school day for our son so, after running a couple of errands, it was time to pick him up. That’s when the...

When is it a good time to throw in the towel?

Adapted from La Mediocre Mommy, May 2, 2013 The expression, “throw in the towel,” is derived from boxing. After a boxer has suffered an unrecoverable beating and his corner wants to the fight to stop, the towel is thrown in to indicate concession. In that scenario,...

Will Work For Free

Adapted from La Mediocre Mommy, March 14, 2014 Recently I was at an event where I was asked the dreaded question, “where are you working?” I hastily answered with the enthusiasm of a child who just received his favorite toy, “nowhere!” That answer usually elicits more...

Download Lunch Box Love Notes

Lunchbox Love notes create a unique way of connecting with your child each and every day. Put a note in a lunch box, slide one into the homework folder, leave one under a pillow or anywhere else you can imagine. All of the cards have positive, heartfelt messages on them. It’s an easy way of connecting with your child everyday.
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